Get Building with Carson Today!

My Building Buddies

Welcome! My Building Buddies is a virtual camp experience for lovers of Legos in these unprecedented times. Come build with your friends (or make new ones!) through Zoom with the guide of Master Builder, Carson. Come ready to learn, and we’ll provide the rest.

“My camp is going to not only help kids learn about how fun Legos are, but they will also learn about Lego sets that were around before they were born: sets like Knights Kingdom, Mars Mission, or even the classic Bionicle sets.” Carson will instruct the physical building of complex sets, while also sharing their fascinating backstories with you.


“It’s really fun to do Legos with Carson; he knows all the stories about the Lego sets!”

Reid, age 8

“I had fun doing the Lego camp because it’s fun to do a set with a friend.”

Jack, age 10