Services and How it Works

Find the date best for you and book online. ➞ You’ll complete a questionnaire; we’ll help you pick the Lego set. ➞ We’ll send the Zoom link. ➞ Grab your buddies, and let’s get building!

First, I start out by sending out a questionnaire to gauge camper’s Lego level and their interests. On the first day of camp, I start the session by giving a basic idea of what we are building, and I provide the story and setting. For instance, if we work on building a certain version of a Toa, like the Hordika, I would show the previous model and then we work on the new model for comparison.

I send out the zoom link, then help each builder organize the pieces, and we start our build. We go through the instructions and follow them to a tee. If someone needs help, I help them out however I can. Once we finish the build, I congratulate them, and of course, we can’t forget that Legos are made for playing with and building a story. Then, we discuss what our next project might be!

I offer different types of building experiences based on age and simplicity— ranging from small creator sets to more complicated themed-sets to bionicle sets, and even Technic sets which are super advanced! I meet builders on their levels, whether that is beginner, intermediate, or advanced.

Carson Brock