Meet The Master Builder: Carson Brock

What Up fellow builders!  My name is Carson Winfield Brock, and I am going to be your guide on this fun Lego journey.

I live in Dallas Texas, and I’m an “expert builder,” or at least I’m on my way to becoming a master Lego builder. In fact, I have been building Legos ever since I was five. The first Lego I ever worked on was a 2003 Bionicle set featuring a Hordika version of Toa Nokama. I thought the set looked cool and exciting with its webs and the rhotuka spinner that was featured in every set. I mean, who doesn’t love mutated elemental warriors?

When it comes to Legos, I enjoy the fact that you’re not just building a set, you’re building a story. For example, in every set the Lego company follows a huge story, and the builder would be creating the characters’ environments.

Given the fact that I have autism spectrum disorder, or ASD, I sometimes struggled with fine motor skills when I was little; so, I used Legos to help improve dexterity. I found I liked movement and textures in my hands, and I think Legos are a good outlet for that. For this reason, it is fun to watch other kids of all ages with diverse skills play and learn from Legos! With my personal background, commitment, and love for the story, I’m looking forward to showing you my love of Legos.